During the Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic, St Anthony’s Dining Room is not taking on any new volunteers. The information below is provided for general inquiries only.

Interested in volunteering?  Printable Description of Volunteering (pdf format)

Please email paduadiningroom@gmail.com from your preferred contact email, or call our volunteer coordinator at (650) 365-9664.

Volunteers are crucial to St. Anthony’s Padua Dining Room operation. It would be impossible to assist the hungry without the help of volunteers who help prepare and serve a nourishing lunch and more, six days a week year around.

Currently we have over 150 enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers who come from many different backgrounds. Teachers, retired professionals, clergy, homemakers, businesspeople and students are all part of our volunteer corps. Please join us to prep food, serve lunch or to assist with fund-raising efforts.

Max Torres, Operations Manager for the Padua Dining Room at St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Menlo Park, CA presents an overview of this service with a special focus on the volunteers without whom the continuing success of the program would not be possible.

Location / Directions

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