Hot Meal Program

The Dining Room helps to answer the needs of its local community by providing, hot, nourishing meals Monday to Saturday year-round to all who come seeking meal and a safe place to eat. On holidays – Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, our patronage nearly doubles, rising to as much as 1,200. Daily between 11am and 1pm, patrons are provided with a buffet-style well-rounded lunch that is served by volunteers. Meal combination options are available.. A typical meal include salad, a main course like stew or pasta, rice or chili beans, bread or tortillas, broccoli, milk, juice, coffee and a pastry or fruit dessert.


The Dining Room provides surplus basic foodstuffs, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as bread products to patrons in paper and plastic grocery bags. This services allows our Guests to transport and prepare fresh meals at home. Items vary daily but typically include a mix of bread, pastries, canned and packaged goods, as well as varieties of fresh produce.

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